Pediatrician Job Description

Pediatrician Job Description

The pediatrician job description revolves around providing medical care for infants, children and teenagers. Many pediatricians see the same patients from infancy through to young adulthood, and many continue to see patients after the age of eighteen, as a result. In fact, many pediatricians may see patients up to the age of twenty-two or even twenty-five.

Doctors of pediatric medicine diagnose and treat a range of ailments in young people, including everything from the common cold and the flu to serious diseases like childhood diabetes. These physicians see kids for checkups, annual physicals, and to treat everyday injuries and illnesses. Kids get hurt from time to time and pediatricians are able to treat minor injuries and even broken bones.

Coordinated Health Care

The pediatrician job description is as much about providing direct patient care as it is about coordinating with other health care workers to diagnose and treat their patients. Pediatricians work with nurses, laboratory technicians and other physicians to assess patient health, diagnose medical conditions and determine the best course of treatment based on the individual patient’s needs.

When pediatricians have patients who may have a more serious medical condition, they may refer the patient to a specialist for further assessment and specialized treatment. The pediatrician remains the primary care physician for the patient. Examples of such conditions include musculoskeletal conditions and autoimmune disorders, among other serious chronic diseases.

Wellness Care

A big part of any pediatrician job description is providing wellness and routine care for children. As kids age, their bodies go through a myriad of changes, and the pediatrician is there to ensure that children grow and develop normally. They monitor their patients closely and keep an eye out for any problems that can arise. They may recommend changes in diet and physical activity to promote healthier growth.

Additionally, pediatricians do routine wellness examinations and annual school or sports physicals for their patients. They vaccinate infants and children against diseases and screen for common ailments and inherited conditions.

General Pediatric Practice

Most pediatrician job descriptions call for physicians interested in general practice. Just as there’s a huge call for medical doctors in general practice for adult patients, there’s a big call for doctors to provide general medical treatment and care for young people.

General practitioners in pediatrics normally see patients in a private medical office. A typical day’s appointments may include patients of a variety of ages and with a range of medical complaints or concerns. The pediatrician must be able to move from one case to the next with confidence and competence. They must be knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating a broad range of health conditions.

Pediatric Specialties

Pediatrician Job Description

Pediatrician jobs can also include specializing in different areas of medical practice. Two of the most common specialties are pediatric surgery and infectious disease, though pediatricians can specialize in any number of other areas of medicine as well.

Though some diseases become much more common as people age, some children unfortunately face the same serious conditions and diseases that affect adult patients. The manner in which a child’s body responds to serious illness is often different from that of an adult’s, which is why the pediatrician job description for a specialist is unique and why specialists who treat adults with certain kinds of illnesses don’t usually treat kids with those same conditions. Instead, a pediatric specialist focuses on treating minors with these serious conditions.

For example, children that face immune deficiency problems will encounter unique challenges. The medicines and other treatment protocols for dealing with any illness in a child are different than those used for adults. A pediatrician who specializes in any field of medicine will know how to handle the unique challenges of treating growing and still developing children with serious health issues.

Work Environment

The pediatrician job description will vary based on where the doctor works and in what specialty they intend to practice. Physicians may find work in private medical offices and in hospitals. Private practices may be pediatric specialty offices, general practice, internal medicine, or family practice.

Hospital pediatrician jobs are highly specialized. Doctors of pediatrics who hold hospital appointments must be capable of addressing the needs of any minor patient, regardless of the condition they have. Specialists at hospitals are able to handle the most difficult of cases in their own specialty.

Regardless of where a pediatrician works, like any physician, they are in for long hours. Typically, they work 60 or more hours per week. Pediatricians in private medical practice have a little more control over their schedule and may work 45 to 50 hours per week instead of the 60 or more that hospital physicians typically work.

Being a doctor is mentally, emotionally and physically challenging, no matter where a pediatrician works. While private practice is typically less stressful, positions in physicians’ offices still come with their own share of challenges.

Every pediatrician job description includes physical requirements, like the ability to spend the majority of the work day on their feet. Physicians who work in hospitals will do a lot of walking and potentially need to climb stairs, as well. Surgeons must be able to remain focused and on task throughout long and complex procedures that can sometimes last as many as twelve hours or more.

Pediatrician Job Description – Education and Training

Pediatricians must complete a four year undergraduate program, graduate school and then medical school as part of the pediatrician education requirements. Physicians must also complete an internship and residency program. Residency programs can last three to eight years. The pediatrician job description will call for a different level of education and training based on the specialty in which the job is available.

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